another unemployed ass
showing off his portfolio, in the hope he
can get some work."

Is what I hear you think, and you couldn’t be more right. My name is Frank Kalk, a so called Front-end webdeveloper living in Heiloo, The Netherlands. In desperate need of a job, and a bit of boredom I decided to rebuild my portfolio.

So by beginning showing off my portfolio, I will place a nice illustration below this text. Hoping it will give you the idea “Oh, that’s a nice illustration, I wonder what comes next and what other work he has to offer”.

“an illustration AND
how awesome!”
About me.

Frank Kalk, 19 years old, born in The Netherlands. Designing is what I do, ranging from websites to logo’s and the occasional quick scribble. My work can be found here, or if you want to see all the awesome again, go to the top of the page and use the menu there.

Now let’s talk about things that I like, to make this portfolio a bit more personal and so you can get me an awesome birthday present. I enjoy art, and love to see other people’s work (please, if you would like to show some work you made, do contact me). Also, I like coffee, with 1 sugar.

{that's my mug
… not yours}
About you!

This is the part where you can let yourself go, after reading all this you may have an opinion about this page. Or maybe you want to show your work to me, or even (it would be awesomely awesome) ask me a question.

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